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What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is a term that refers to the air quality within a building or        structure, as it relates to the health and comfort of the occupants. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to health issues including headaches, nasal congestion, lung diseases, and allergies. 

What is contaminating my air?

Air contaminents are around us, inside and outside. Unfortunately, the only contaminents we can control are the ones inside our homes and businesses. These include things such as pet allergens, odors, chemical vapors, mold, and bacteria. 

What product can clean my air? Where does it go?



The UV light technology is placed within your air handler or ductwork. Placing this by your coil kills mold on your coil, improves air quality, and extends the life of your air system by keeping it cleaner and removing the Airborne contaminents out of your system consistently as air cycles repeatedly.

Why would I need this in my home?

Have you ever cooked a meal, and smelled it through the house hours later?

Do you have asthma or allergies?

Are there animals living inside of your home?

APCO products are designed to eliminate odor during its normal operations. The product sterilizes mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens on each cycle.

Would I use it at my place of business?


Have you ever walked into a vet clinic, and smelled an over powering odor from the variety of animals visiting and staying over night?

Have you ever walked into a salon and smelled the chemicals spraying in the air, or maybe the nail polish lingering?

APCO products filter the odors and chemicals as the system runs. By filtering these odors out of the air on every circulation, the smells are greatly reduced or eliminated, providing you with the clear air you want and need. 

For more information about Indoor Air Quality, check out the APCO website

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